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  • Tenants
    Finding the most suitable tenant for the property is most crucial. We begin by establishing the type of tenant you require for your property and any special conditions that you may wish to impose. We then through our preferred letting agency partners match this to prospective tenants who must complete an application form and be vetted through a series of checks; we also obtain references as applicable. Only after references and a series of checks that have been carried out and confirmed will we proceed with the tenancy.

  • Deposits
    We require a deposit from all tenants equivalent to one calendar months rent. For example, the rent equals 550 so the deposit required is 550. Deposits are held to ensure that a tenant(s) takes good care of the property and as a safeguard against unpaid rent and damage. A deposit is refundable at the end of the tenancy only after the tenant has vacated the property, when a final inspection is carried out on the property and the rent account is paid up in full. A2Z Property Management (Plymouth) Ltd transfers all deposits received to the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS)(Government backed).

  • Rent
    An initial assessment of the property is carried out by one of our preferred letting agency partners and we would indicate what we believe to be a realistic rent. Professional tenants - payment is due every calendar month in advance starting at the commencement of the tenancy. We advise tenants to pay their rent direct to our clients account by standing order. If the tenant pays by cheque, we must allow time for this payment to clear in our account before forwarding the payment to the Landlord. Housing benefits claimants - Payment is made direct to you from the local council. The initial payment will take up to 4 - 6 weeks minimum to be made and is then paid 4 weekly in arrears. If the tenant has to make a contribution to the rent, this will be collected weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit the tenant but in line with the payments to the Landlord.

  • Exterior
    If the Property has a garden, we advise that the landlord to leave suitable equipment and tools to enable the tenant to keep the grounds in good order. You may wish a contractor to attend to your gardens during the tenancy period rather than rely on the tenants. A lot of our Freehold buildings rely on contractors to do such work on a monthly basis, and this can be arranged through our office.

  • Gas Appliances
    It is a legal requirement by Law that each gas fire appliance, central heating system should be inspected on an annual basis by a registered Gas Safety Engineer whom of which will supply a safety certificate, Please remember to we check the registration number and accreditations of all builders. The original certificate must be held at our office. Please remember you can appoint an engineer of your own if you wish. Central heating systems do break down, the cost of repair can be substantial and there is often little option but to have the work done. We at A2Z Property Management (Plymouth) Ltd can offer you a competitive service contract (on appraisal of your appliances). If you do take out a service contract or you already have one, please inform us of those details to be kept on the system, so that we may contact them saving you your time and money.

  • Electrical Appliances
    As the Landlord you have the duty to ensure that any electrical or mechanical appliance or equipment is safe and in good working order. Items should be repaired if they become faulty, provided if this is not as a result of negligence or damage by the tenant. Any soft furnishing (suites, beds etc) in the property must comply with the fire safety regulations, and a kite label clearly stating this should be attached. If not the furnishings must be removed from the property. We will check the suitability of all the soft furnishings when carry out the inventory preparation, any items that does not comply must be removed or replaced. We carry out portable appliance checks on behalf of the landlords or you can arrange for a contractor of your choice to carry them out for you.

  • Mortgages
    If the property is subject to a mortgage, the mortgagee should be informed that you intend letting the property. This must be done before a tenant takes possession. Some lenders may request a copy of the tenancy agreement and we will arrange this if required. The lender may make a small charge to cover administration costs, and may amend the terms of your mortgage.

  • Inventories/Utilities
    Prior to the tenant taking occupation, our staff will prepare an inventory of the contents of the property, with a full description of conditions. We will record meter readings and advise the appropriate service utility companies. In addition we will inform the local authority and Southwest Water of the change of occupancy. The Landlord should close any telephone connection account. The tenant can contact BT or any other telecommunication direct if they require a service to be provided.

  • Tenancies
    All new tenancies commence as an Assured Short hold Tenancy; it is recommended that an initial period of six months be used. When a tenancy has been enforced for three months, the situation is reviewed and we will ask you if you wish the tenancy to continue. If you wish the tenancy to continue, and the tenants agree, the tenancy can run onto a month to month basis and become `periodic`, until the tenants give one months notice in writing or the statutory two months notice is served.

  • End of Tenancy
    At the termination of a tenancy we will meet with the tenant and you/or your representative. We will inspect the property, check the inventory, take meter readings and obtain a forwarding address for the tenants. The original deposit is refunded to the tenant after ten working days when all parties are satisfied that the property has been left in the condition in which it was found at the commencement of the tenancy, fair wear and tear being allowed. If you are not satisfied with the way in which the property has been left, the tenant must be given an opportunity to rectify the problem. If the tenant is not able to rectify the problem, we will make an agreed deduction from the deposit for the works to be carried out. Valid estimates must be obtained, indicating the exact cost of repair, and failing an agreement between the parties A2Z Property Management will act as arbitrators, being stakeholders. Both parties will have to abide by our reasonable judgment.

  • Inspections - Property Visits
    Inspections of fully managed tenanted properties are carried out at six monthly intervals, which we like to call them a property visits. The property visit allows us to confirm that the tenant is fulfilling the obligations set out in the tenancy agreement. If there are any issues that require attention, we will advise you immediately. The property visit also gives us the opportunity to communicate more closely with the tenants, and when the lease is due for renewal, we may advise you appropriately.

  • Repairs
    Every property at some time requires repair and, if the tenant contacts us and repairs are required, we will contact the Landlord. In the majority of cases, repairs can be carried out quickly. If a serious fault occurs (i.e. water burst, flood, fire etc) and we are unable to contact you, we accept your authority to carry out such repairs up to a cost of 150 emergency; this is a matter on which you have to accept our judgement. When the property is let, the Landlord has a legal obligation to its maintenance. Carrying out repairs swiftly is often as important for you as it is for the tenant. A repair carried out in time can stop an issue becoming worse. Tenants have rights which may be enforced through the Environmental Health Department of the Local Authority should repairs not be attended to promptly. An enforcement order could include additional repairs and result in a significantly higher cost to the Landlord - work not completed may even be carried out by the Authority, which it is entitled to, the cost of which may add a substantial charge to the repair bill.

  • Insurance
    As Landlords, you are responsible for insuring the building and any of your contents left in the property, including carpets and furnishings. We can obtain competitive quotes for you if requested, specifically designed for the tenanted properties.

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